Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurvedic Treatments

The way of life is the key to health is the mission at Ayush Ayurveda Center to achieve physical, mental and spiritual health.

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest practiced holistic health care system in the world, originated from India. It is the “science of a long and healthy life” which treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole, based in the inherent ability of the human body to rejuvenate, to heal and to restore its natural balance. Also it was the first system which recognized the concept of individual mind / body types. On the other side Ayurveda works on the philosophy of “Prevention is better than cure” and uses medical herbs, oil therapies, massages, yoga and meditation together with individual diet and lifestyle.

According to Ayurveda, the universe is made up of five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. In combination they form the “dynamic forces” in the human body called the Tridoshas: Vata (air and space) regulates movements, Pitta (fire and water) regulates metabolism and Kapha (water and earth) regulates structure. When they are in a balanced state, the body is healthy. Through a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle the Doshas get imbalanced which opens the door for diseases.

Ayush Ayurveda Centre

Ayurveda at Vedic Valley starts with a personal consultation by our Ayurvedic Physician. He will help you to understand your unique constitution and determine through pulse diagnostic your current imbalances. Also he will suggest you a program of specific treatments, individual diet and exercises that will bring you more balance, energy and peace.

The Ayush Ayurveda Center offers specific detoxifying treatments – Panchakarma, herbal medication and traditional massages along with specialized Kerala treatments to restore your body’s natural balance.

Ayurvedic Consultation

The personal consultation with our Ayurvedic Doctor will help you to understand your unique constitution called Dosha, determine your current imbalances and suggest you a program of specific Ayurvedic treatments.

Rejuvenating Treatments


This is a specialized herbal massage for weight reduction, followed by a herbal steam bath. A herbal paste or powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged to tone up skin and muscles in order to eliminate Kapha toxins, Cellulite and Obesity.


In this rejuvenating treatment herbal medicated rice tied in muslin bags is skillfully massaged all over the body which helps in paralysis, rheumatism, arthritis and certain skin disorders.


A highly effective treatment for osteo arthritis, spondylosis, backache and sport injuries by applying specific herbal leaves/ powder tied in boluses and dipped into an herbal oil decoction and massaged deeply on the affected area.


It is one of the most rejuvenating Oil-therapy useful in all cases of nervous disorders, paralysis, rheumatism, diabetics and in menopause. An indulgent experience, during which lukewarm herbal oils anoint the entire body to strengthen immunity, liquify toxins and increase flexibility.


This treatment gives relief from various inflammatory conditions and involves the application of a special herbal paste on the affected area.


In this treatment a herbal oil is gently heated and massaged on the head which is effective for ENT disease, insomnia, migraine, hypertension and skin disease.


A cooling herbal head-pack that helps to relax and balance mind & body and an excellent treatment for Insomnia, Sinusitis and migraine.


This is a special technique of bathing the head 40 minutes in medicated oils using a cap fitted around the head. A highly effective treatment for facial paralysis, anxiety, neurological disorders and skin disease.


This deeply relaxing and revitalizing therapy involves rhythmically pouring of herbal oil on the forehead, specifically on the “third eye” which induces a blissfull state of consciousness and activates the Prana (Energy) flow. Shirodhara is an effective treatment that stimulates blood circulation, helps healing the nervous system and improves memory. Its medicinal purpose includes treatment of stress, depression, paralysis, hypertension, epilepsy, premature hair graying and vision problems.


It is a localized treatment for improving the conditions like backache, sciatica, herniated disc, spondylosis etc. During the treatment warm medicated oil is retained over the back with the help of a ring made of dough. The oil used in the treatment is selected after a careful examination of the person’s condition and body type.


A special Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes, which gives a cooling affect, prevents eye diseases and strenghtens the optic nerve.


Administration of herbal oil through the nose to eliminate toxins from the head and neck region. This treatment improves memory and eye sight and reduces nasal allergies, nasal polyp, stiffness of neck, migraine, chronic colds and sinusitis.


A specific herbal steam bath which opens the pores and cleanses the system through the skin. It treats cellulite, reduces pain and stiffness and eliminates toxins. The effect is enhanced when taken after a massage or Abhyanga.

Beauty Treatments


Beautifying the body is to beautify the mind. This Ayurvedic facial treatment  includes facials – steam bath, herbal mask and facial massage which improves and clears complexion and reduces wrinkles.

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