Seminars in Europe

Every summer we are organizing Seminars and Retreats in Europe. Here you find an overview of our upcoming events:

  • Yoga & Hiking with Master Anand
  • Atma Yoga Seminar at the Thermal Spa Rogner Bad Blumau
  • Sep 5th-12th 2020 Ayurveda Yoga Holiday in Croatia
  • Ayurveda Cooking Course
  • Hatha Yoga Immersion 100h

On demand we are providing following services between Mai till September in Austria:

  • Astrology Consultation
  • Vedic Wedding Ceremony
  • Vedic Fire Rituals
  • Sacred Fumigation (energetic cleansing using holy smoke)
  • Vastu Consultation (Vedic form of Feng Shui) for home and planning of new buildings

Please contact us directly for inquiry.

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