Ayurveda Yoga Holiday

Ayurveda Yoga Holiday

We invite you to experience, to rejuvenate and to purify your body & mind with an Ayurveda-Yoga-Retreat at Vedic Valley. Enjoy daily Yoga and Meditation practices, individual Ayurvedic therapies and delicious Vegetarian Meals in a pure and tropical environment near Morjim-beach, Goa.

Your Retreat starts with a personal Ayurveda and JyotishVedic Astrology Consultation. Our Ayurvedic Physician will help you understand your unique constitution-Dosha and suggests you a program of specific treatments and an individual Ayurvedic nutrition plan. The Vedic Horoscope analysis by Master Anand gives you a detailed prediction about all important areas of life, including health, profession, relationship, finances and spiritual development as well as timetables for right decisions in life. Also he will teach you specific Yoga exercises and Meditation practices that will bring you more balance, energy and peace.

The Ayurveda-Yoga-Retreat includes:

  • Taxi transfer from/ to the Airport Dabolim, Goa
  • 14 days Double-accommodation in Eco-Bungalow with Wi-Fi
  • 2 healthy Ayurvedic meals per day – Breakfast and Lunch

Yoga and Vedas with Master Anand

  • 12 morning Yoga and Pranayama practices
  • 12 evening Meditation, Mantra or Mudra Practices
  • 1 Ayurvedic Cooking Course
  • 1 Vedic Astrology Consultation by Master Anand

Ayurveda Program

  • 1 Ayurvedic Consultation with Pulse and Dosha-diagnostic
  • 7 days Ayurvedic treatments, chosen according to your unique constitution, for example:
    • Shirodhara – stream of oil on the forehead for total relaxation.
    • Abhyanga – a revitalizing and energizing full body Oil massage.
    • Elakizhi – a warm herbal bundle bag massage
    • Nasya – elimination of toxins through nose
    • Marma Massage – for stimulating vital points
    • Swedhana – Ayurvedic herbal steam bath

14 days Ayurveda Yoga Retreat special offer:

14 days Ayurveda YogaRate
per person in double accommodation€ 1120.-
single accommodation€ 1320.-
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