Vedic Rituals

Vedic Rituals

The ancient Vedas have revealed the secrets of healing through the transformation of cosmic energy called Yagya which implements the power of sound (Mantras), thought, intention (Sankalpa) and natural force (5 Elements). Those energy vibrations have the power to balance Planetary influences, rectify Vastu disorders, encourage personal desires and enhance spiritual progress. It is a Vedic Ritual where medical herbs and specific woods vaporize in the sacrificial fire (Havan) and enter the body through nose, lungs and pores along with reciting of Mantras to purify and balance body, mind and environment.

Master Anand had been trained already from the young age of five, from his father and other Brahmins to perform Vedic Rituals.  He graduated with a master of Vedic education at the Sanskrit University Varanasi . He is an expert priest and can arrange a variety of specialized yagyas based individually on your needs.

Some of the important Yagyas performed in Vedic Valley

One of the most beautiful ceremonies is Vedic Wedding which elevates the physical union to spiritual dimension.

Ganapati Yagya


Dedicated to Shri Ganesha the elephant god and Lord of wisdom and who gives protection and removes obstacles. This Yagya enhances the natural flow of our lives and removes physical, mental or emotional difficulties that we are presently facing. Ganesha is associated with the 1.Chakra supporting the root energy that allows us to achieve our desires and have worldly and spiritual progress. Ganapati Yagya is performed for protection, removing obstacles or at the beginning of any new venture.

Maha Mrityunjaya Yagya



In this Yagya the special Mantra of Liberation is recited that bestows great healing powers. This Ritual is said in the Rig Veda to rejuvenate, prosper health, wealth, longevity and peace. It is also performed during Ayurvedic treatments such as Panchakarma and for chronic and incurable diseases to bring relief to the condition.

Planetary Yagya Navgraha Shanti Yagya

The Planetary Yagya helps to resolve Karma so that current desires may manifest more easily and uses specific Mantras to neutralize negative and strengthen positive influences of the planets.

Vedic Birthday Ritual

This is a very special Birthday Ritual performed to welcome the new period of life including the planting of a specific life tree to give gratitude to the Nature and ancestors. The Yagya balances the Planetary influences and gives happiness, confidence and peace of mind.Vedic Ceremony

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