Traditional Wedding in India

Two bodies uniting their souls and promise to be together in this life and after lives is what make the Vedic Vivah Samskara so unique.

The traditional Vedic Wedding Ceremony is one of the oldest wedding ceremonies in the world, elevating the physical union to spiritual dimension. So if you are looking for a sacred Vedic Wedding Ceremony in a romantic and exotic environment with spiritual guidance and auspicious timing, we will assist you in this most auspicious day in your life. The marriage takes place at a beautiful decorated (flower draped) venu (Mandapa) and admit chanting of Sanskrit Mantras and Meditation by the Vedic Pandit Anand Semalty.

It is performed in the presence of the sacred fire Agni where the groom and Bride exchange flower garlands, signifying their acceptance of each other as husband and wife. Then the couple conduct seven circles around the Agni which is the universal witness to the seven promises they make each other to be fulfilled in the married life. The base of a happy and fulfilling married life is the sense of unity, intimacy and love between husband and wife giving the opportunity to grow from life partners into soul mates. With a holiday in Vedic Valley you can enjoy a unique and colorful Vedic Wedding of your dreams.