Vedic Valley Logo

Vedic Valley Logo

Our Logo is symbolizing the Sudarshanchakra with the Shanka and Shri Ganesha.

The word Sudarshan means “the vision which is auspicious” and the Chakra is the wheel of time which is constantly in movement. The 12 spokes represents the 12 month of the Hindu Lunar Calendar, the 12 Zodiac Signs and also the 12 deities: Vijay, Agni, Soma, Mitra, Varun, Indra, Indrani, Vaju, Vishvedeva, Prajapati, Dhanvantari and Surya. And the 6 navels represents the 6 seasons in the year.

The Sudarshanchakra represents the development of higher vision and realization of the soul burning away ignorance and illusion of the mind.

The conch shell or Shanka, represents Om the divine primal sound of creation with the 5 Elements: earth, water, fire air and ether and also the 5 airs or Pranas in the body and mind.

Sri Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom and Success who gives protection and removes obstacles. He resides in the first Chakra called the Muladhara Chakra supporting and guiding all other Chakras, thereby “governing the forces that prosper the wheel of life”. This root energy allows us to achieve our desires and have worldly and spiritual progress.

So our Logo is indicating the vision of Vedic Valley to live a healthy consciousness life in unison with all beings and realize the Vedic wisdom which awakens our original spiritual nature.

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