Goa Tourist Attractions

Goa Tourist Attractions

Goa is the perfect place to go on sightseeing-tour where you will find a blend of traditional and modern aspects of life with a variety of day and nighttime activities.

At Vedic Valley we provide all kind of interesting and adventurous excursions on request.

Spice Farm

Spice Farm is situated at Ponda this spice plantation use organic methods of cultivation and farming. Through the interesting excursion you get a understanding about the cultivation and use of the big variety of spices and fruits grown there. You can also buy there fresh exotic spices like Cardamom, Nutmeng, Vanilla,etc and essential oils.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Sanguem are India’s fifth highest waterfall. The waterfalls plunge down from a staggering height of 2000 ft and having a milky white appearance which is why it’s literally named “Ocean of Milk”.

Temples in Goa

There are a lot of ancient temples worshiped in Goa and some of them are not far located from Vedic Valley: Shri Narayandev Temple (Arambol) Shri Bhumika Temple, Shri Kamleshwar Rudra Temple (both in Corgao), Shri Dattatreya Temple, Shri Hanuman temple, Shri Kalika Temple (Mapusa), Shri Rudreshwar Temple- located at the Arvalem Waterfalls is the oldest temple in Goa with rock cut caves known as the “Pandava Caves” dedicated to Lord Shiva and dating back to the 1st century AD.

Old Goa and Panaji

Old Goa is a UNESCO world heritage and famed for it’s opulent and historic buildings and churches. It was under rule of Portugal for more than 450 years before getting independent in December 1961.

Panaji is the capital city of Goa and literally means the “Land that never gets flooded”. The city lies along the left bank of the Mandavi River and is well known for its educational institutes , historical monuments and commercial complexes.

Dolphin and Crocodile Spotting

In Goa you can watch Dolphins in open sea. There are boat trips to hire which are starting specially early at 7.00 am or 8.00am to make sure you can watch lots of dolphins frolic jumping in the sea. Or you can go for a adventurous boat trip along the Cumbarjuna Canal, gazing at crocodiles sunning on the muddy banks before slithering back into the water. Legend says that these crocodiles where introduces a century ago to frighten enemies crossing the river. But fact is that they are actually freshwater creatures which have adopted the saline mangrove eco- system of this backwater canal.

Forts in Goa

There are numbers of important Forts with an interesting history. Stretching from the Terrakol Fort at the northern tip of Goa till Cabo da Rama Fort in the south, are remnants of colossal castles, once strongly garrisoned to protect the entrance to the port and the provinces around. While holidaying in Goa you can not miss the pleasure of walking on the ramparts of Chapora Fort or watching the astonishing view over the azure Arabian Sea at the Terakol Fort.


Goa is full of colorful local markets and beach shacks that sell everything and anything under the sun.

Anjuna’s Flea Market

Every Wednesday the legendary Flea Market is held in Anjuna beach. This market originated 1960 from the “Hippies” selling and exchanging their goods. Nowadays sellers from all over India and other countries offer a big variety of items which became very popular for tourists. During the peak season (October-April) it starts from 9.00 am and shuts down only after sunset.

Arpora’s Saturday Night Bazaar

At this lively Bazaar in Arpora every Saturday, many creative people all over the world offering products such as handmade jewelery, sandals, and the latest fashion. Don’t miss to enjoy this shopping tour with all kind of performers (classical Indian dancers, fire jugglers, musicians,..) entertaining you all night.

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