Yogafestival in Goa, January 13-20, 2014

Yogafestival in Goa, January 13-20, 2014

Come and experience an amazing Yogafestival with world-class Yoga Teachers, Masters and Musicians in India, where Yoga originated. During the one week Festival, you will have the opportunity to participate in unique Master Classes with multiple styles of Yoga, chanting Kirtans, enjoying vegetarian food and Goa’s most beautiful Beach.

Yogafestival-Teachers and Master-Classes:

Mark and Joanne Darby (Canada)

Mark und Joanne Darby

Mark & Joanne Darby have been practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga for over 30 years. They started their practic under guidence of K. Pattabhi Jois in 1978-79 and lived in Mysore for 4 years continiously studying with their Guru. They are part of the few teachers worldwide who have attained the highest level of Ashtanga Yoga accreditation and are certified by Pattabhi Jois to teach the original Ashtanga method. Their teachings are dynamic and emphasis on adjustments in asanas , bandhas and breathing technics. In Canada  they established a Yogastudio and leading workshops around the world.


Master Classes:

“Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Shri K. Pattabhi Jois tradition.”

“3 Master-Classes with detailed work on Asanas, Bandhas, Vinyasas.”

Watch a short Video of Mark & Joanne teaching at the Rainbow Yogafestival 2012 in Vedic Valley:

>Dr.Madhavan Munusamy (Karur, India)

Dr. Madhavan Munusamy

Dr. Madhavan Munusamy belongs to the South-Indian branch of Swami Sivananda tradition of yoga. Yogacharya Madavan is Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from Venkatramana Ayurvedic Medical College (Chennai). He also received a Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy from Vivekananda Yoga Anusadhana Samsthana in Bangalore and attended the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram TTC and Advanced TTC courses. Dr. Madavan’s Institute is registered by the Government of Tamil Nadu. Yogacharya Madhavan is an expert in Pranayama and Yoga Therapy and his yoga students are frequent Champions at the International Yoga Festival run by Swami Gitananda Ashram, Pondicherry.

Master Classes:

“Yogatherapy- correction of Asanas for better health.”

“Classical Pranayama and Meditation in the Sivananda Yoga and Tamil Siddhas Tradition.”

Lecture: “Importance of Shatkriyas”


Vitaliy Litvinov (Moscow)

Vitaly Litvinov.jpg

Vitaliy Litvinov is a BKS Iyengar  Yoga Teacher, certified with: Introductory 1 (2006), Introductory 2 (2008) and Junior 1 (2010). Vitaliy started his yoga practice in 2002 at Moscow Iyengar Yoga center and teaches since 2004. He attained workshops of Senoir teachers – Sri BKS Iyengar, Stephanie Quirk, Louis Steinberg, Gloria Goldberg, Gabriella Jubilaro, Faek Biria, etc. and studied at Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Puna, India from 2007-2011 with BKS Iyengar and his family. He also practices Kriya Yoga in Lahiri Mahasaya tradition. Winner of „Fitness Professional of the Year 2007″ Coach of body and mind and  Author of „Yoga in your pocket: Surya Namaskar“. He organises Yoga-Seminars around the world and trekkings to Kailash in Tibet.


Master Classes:

“Dynamical variations of asanas in Iyengar Yoga.”

“Easy correction of advance Yoga Postures.”

Marcus Felsner (Austria)

Markus Felsner

Marcus Felsner „Rainbowyogi“, is a certified Shivananda Yoga Teacher and exellent Musician and started travelling to India since 1978. The interrest of Yoga practice and singing Kirtans and Bhajans he achieved from his travels through Southindia, Goa and Yogis in the Himalayas. From 1985-1990 he lived in USA, California, Oregon and Hawaii, deepening his Yogapractice and leading Bhajan Circles in the Eugene Yogacenter in Oregon. In 1991 he attained his Yoga Teacher Certificate at the Sivananda Center in Nayardam, South India. Since that he shares his knowledge of Yoga & Music around the world. Also he conducts Seminars and Jungleyoga Retreats in Thailand and Bali Spirit Festival  teaching together with Danny Paradise (one of the first Western Ashtanga Yoga teacher thought by Pattabhi Jois).

„Singing Bhajans or Kirtan is a great way to connect with the devine – it is a bit like Pranayama it makes you breath deeply and takes you to the here and now!“ greetings Marcus   – om nama shivaya–


Master Classes:

Denis Zaenchkovsky (Moscow)

Denis Zaenchkovskiy

Denis Zaenchkovsky is a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, trained in India under the leadership of Bal Mukund Singh (Delhi), Gopal Krishna (Bangalore), Iyengar Yoga Center in Bangalore with intensive studying works of T.Krishnamacharya, P. Jois and B.K.S. Iyengar. In 1995 he completed his TTC under guidance of Andrey Lappa and Andrew Sidersky (Kiev) and founded 1999 the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Moscow, leading there Yoga Instructor Courses (AYTS). At the International Yoga Championship in 2000 (New Delhi), he won the Bronze Medal. Since 2003  he is a member of the International Federation of Yoga (IYF). Denis studied the Virashaiva tradition in Jangamwadi Math Varanasi and practices Kriya Yoga in Lahiri Mahasaya tradition (Shri Shailendra Sharma, Govardhan).


Master Classes:

Lectures: “Different perspects of  Yoga Practice for Individuals.”

“Preparation of Pranayama and Drishti Yoga.”

Practice: “Static and Dynamic Hatha Yogasanas with stretchings and power  liftings including forward and back bending technices.”

Alexandra Aleksandrova (Russia)

Alexandra Aleksandrova

Alexandra Aleksandrova started practicing Hatha and  Ashtanga Yoga in 1999 at the Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Moscow. She has a Reiki certificate USUI (2nd degree 2001) and completed her yoga teacher diploma in 2005 under guidance of Andrey Lappa. Since 2002 she studies the Virashaiva tradition and practices Kriya Yoga from Yogiraj Shri Shailendra Sharma at the Siddha Siddhanta Yoga Academy (2004). Alexandra is teaching Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation Classes in Moscow and conducts Seminars since 2004.

Master Classes:

“Various kind of Pranayama practice, Shatkarmas  and Nadi Shodhanas.”

“Practice of Shuksham Vyayama,  Pranyama  Trataka and Sound Meditation.”

Sonja Appel

Sonja Appel

Sonja Appel is a certified Vibrant Living Teacher in Hatha Flow and has devised her own method of yoga -asana called ‘Sushumna’ which is a carefully worked out vinyasa flow unleashing Kundalini Shakti. The flow is spontaneous and she mixes up the asanas in interesting ways, with the help of inspiring music, always ending with a deep relaxing meditation. As in Ashtanga – drishti, bandhas, ujjayi breath & counting are always employed. Her spiritual Guru is Sadhguru from the Isha Foundation outside Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.  She is also certified by the British School of Yoga in Hatha & Meditation and registered with Yoga Alliance, E-RYT 200. Sonja has the blessing of the late Shri K Pattabhi Jois to teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She runs an RYS (registered yoga school) with 2 yoga teacher trainings a year and has attended workshops with David Swenson, Sharat Rangaswamy, Shri Sheshadri, Cathy Louise Broda, Leela Miller, John Scott, Michael Gannon, Edward Clarke, Claire Best, Anna Ashby, Simon Borg Olivier to name only a few. Sonja moved from London to India 8 years ago and leads retreats at Sushumna in Aquatica, Ashwem Beach, Goa. Her retreats include a 100 hour Yoga Immersion with Anand Semalty, the 8 limbs of yoga in the monsoons and a detox & rejuvenate retreat in February.

Master Classes:

“The Art of Sequencing in Vinyasa Flow”

“A modern approach to the application of Yamas & Niyamas in our daily lives”

Natasha Yanchuk (Russia)

Natasha Yanchuk

Natasha Yanchuk is a certified teacher of Hatha Yoga, teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Centre in Moscow. She was trained in India at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (TKV Desikacharya and Mohan ) and School of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (V.Sheshadri and Ajay Kumar). Also she attended trainings at David Frawley’s American Institute of Vedic Studies, (advanced course, 2009), and Seminars of Bal Mukund Singh (New Delhi), Dominic Corigliano (USA), Reinhardt Gammenthaller (Switzerland), Mark Darby (Canada), Dr. Mohanradj (India), Dr. Nida Chenagtsang (Tibet),Tatiana Mironchuk  and Leonid Gartsenshteyn (Russia). Since 2004 she studies Shatkarmas, Pranayamas and Yoga Philosophy at Vivekananda Institute of Yoga Therapy, directed by Dr. Madhavan Munuswami (Karur, India) and conducting Yoga Seminars in India and Russia. She is a leading Instructor for certified Yoga Teacher Training Courses at Ashtanga Yoga Center. Natasha Yanchuk is also Autor  and contributor for the “YOGA Magazine“.

Master Classes:

Gyanmitra (Bihar, India)


Gyanmitra holds a bachelor’s degree in Yogic Science from VYASA University, Bangalore and is a certified Shivananda Yoga Teacher. He absolved the Sannyasa-Course from Bihar School of Yoga under the guidance of his Guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.  Apart from this, he has participated in different courses related to Yoga, Ayurveda and Indian Philosophy from the Divine Life Society in Rishikesh. He has been learning and teaching Yoga for the past 15 years, traveled to various countries conducting Workshops and Retreats. He is well versed in Vedanta- Indian Philosophy and teaching Meditations.

Master Classes:

” Yoga Nidra”- Lecture and Practice of Yoga Nidra in Satyanada Saraswati Tradition.

Ravinder Jangra (Haryana, India)

Ravinder Jangra

Ravinder Jangra is a teacher of Hatha Yoga and Yoga therapy and Champion in Indian Yoga-sport competitions (4 gold medals, 2003-2006). He practices Yoga since childhood and graduated at the HNBG University in Srinagar the Master Degree  “Science of Yoga” and  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) “The treatment of psychological disorders by Yoga therapy”. Further studies: “Human consciousness and Yoga”» at DSVV University (Haridwar), “Science of Yoga”» IGNO University (Rishikesh), “Naturopathic therapy” at Parmath Niketan Ashram (Rishikesh). Presently Ravinder is the leading teacher of yoga and yoga therapy in Rishikesh and founder of a yoga studio «The Yoga Place». He pays much attention to Yogatherapy in order to treat various diseases, helping people to regain their health, happiness and harmony in life.


Master Classes:

Elena Rushchak (Ukraine)

Elena Rushak

Elena Rushak started practicing Hatha Yoga in the young age of 15 with her first teacher Morozov Viacheslav. In 2003 she studied from Kiev Yoga Instructor Dr. V. Smirnov and attendet seminars of A. Siderskiy , A. Lappa,Tania Piven and Eugeniy Tankovskiy. During her studies she was teaching Yoga in various Studios in Kiev. After graduating from the Kiev National Economic University (the Master’s Degree in International Economics) she followed her heart to India where she met her Husband Ravinder Jangra and start teaching Yoga and Workshops together with him.

Master Classes:

Yuriy and Natalia Shvets (Odessa, Ukraine)

Yury and Natasha Shvets

Yuriy and Natalia Shvets are the founders of Yoga Sattva School in Odessa, Ukraine.  They are certified Hatha Yoga instructors, participants of international Yoga Conferences and authors of the books: ‘24 Kshatriyas- health improving technics’ and ‘Sattva Yoga’.

Natalia Shvets is a medical practitioner, yoga teacher, and methodologist in Yoga Sattva School. Natalia has been teaching yoga since 2000.

Yuriy Shvets is a highly skilled Universal Yoga and Shiva’s dance instructor with medical education and a long-term experience in manual therapy (massage and chiropractic). He began practicing yoga at the age of twelve under the direction of his grandfather Grigoriy Ivanovich Goncharuk who was a sports medicine, therapeutic exercise, and massage instructor.

Yuriy has been teaching yoga for more than 15 years. He is a very charismatic yoga instructor, able to stir people’s enthusiasm.

“Yuriy Shvets is a conscientious and vigorous yoga practitioner who combines the understanding of key principles of yoga and its methods with creative discoveries. He can convey intention and knowledge to his pupils. Participation in Yuri’s programs gives practitioners an impulse to self-developing in yoga.” Andrey Lapa (President of Yoga Federation, Kiev)


Master Classes:

  •         Recreational Hatha yoga complex -24 Kshatriyas (beginner’s level).
  •         Health-improving method and Yoga therapy.
  •         Recreational Hatha yoga complex -24 Kshatriyas (intermediate and advanced level).
  •         Dynamic yoga practices. (Shiva’s dance, etc.)

Dr.Tanmay Goswami (Udupi, Southindia)

Dr. Tanmay Goswami, founder of GOSVAL – Global Organisation of Social Vedic Art in Lives, belongs to an old tradition of Spiritual healing. He was born in Vrindavan (India) and belongs to the 7th generation of renowned Ayurvedic physicians and got blessed by his grand father Sri Sudama Goswami Maharaj, who used to heal people with spiritual healing. With a MD in Ayurveda (Gujarat Ayurvedic University), Dr. Goswami has applied the combined approaches of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology in the diagnosis, prognosis and the treatment, as was practiced in the ancient Vedic Era. Currently, Dr. Tanmay Goswami teaches students at the University of Medical Science (Rajiv Gandhi,Udupi) and has a private Ayurvedia Clinic where patients are treated with herbs and Panchakarma and get astrological advices on relevant issues of life. Dr. Tanmay Goswami also has an extensive practice in England, America, France, Germany and Russia.



“Ayurveda in Theory and Practice, to be healthy and happy every day ”

“Medical Astrology: the influence of planets on our health.”

Baba Rampuri (USA)

Baba Rampuri

Baba Rampuri, an American expatriate, has lived in India since 1970, when he became the first foreigner to be initiated into India’s most ancient order of Yogis and Shamans, the Naga Sannyasis. During his long discipleship in this mystical world, he received traditional teachings in sacred speech, mantra, tantra, Ayurveda, ritual, and encompassing all the above, the way of the Yogi in the Yoga Tradition. He is now a guru with a number of disciples within the order. After founding the Hari Puri Ashram in the Himalayan foothill town of Hardwar, in 1984, Baba has since become a member of the Council of Elders of Datt Akhara, Ujjain. At the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, 2010, Baba was honored with a permanent seat in the Juna Akhara Council and given the title Antahrashtriya Mandal (World Circle) ka Shri Mahant. He divides his time between his Ashram in Hardwar, Ujjain and Goa. Baba Rampuri hosts international camps at Kumbh Melas, conducts retreats and lectures throughout the world on consciousness and inner exploration. He is Author of his book “Autobiography of a Sadhu- a Journey into Mystic India”.


“Your tool of knowledge is Speech, because its boundaries establish the possibilities of the world.” -Baba Rampuri

Lecture: “Sanatan Dharma and Satsanga”

Anand Acharya Semalty (Badrinath, India)

Anand Semalty

Anand Acharya Semalty is a Vedic Astrologer (7th generation), Pandit and teacher oft the Vedas. He was born into a Brahmin family from Badrinath in Himalaya, descents from the great sage Bharadwaja Maharishi of Vedic Period. Since childhood he has been studying the Vedas at the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in Varanasi and post graduated his mastery in Viakaran (Sanskrit Grammar) and Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) with the honorific title Acharya (a scholar who practice what he teaches) in 1999. From his grandfather Sri Pandit Gyandev Semalty who self was the Adviser and Astrologer of the Maharaja of Tehri- Gahrwal, he received deeper knowledge about Astrology and Palmistry. And his Father Sri Pandit Purushottam Dutt Semalty introduced him into Vedic Rituals and Tantra. The traditional and intense practice and realization of Yoga, Mudra and Meditation he achieved from Yogis in the Himalayas. He speaks fluent in Sanskrit, Hindi, English and German. Anand offers Vedic Astrological Consulations and Vedic Marriage Ritualsand conducts Workshops in India and Europe. Also he performs Vedic Ritual-Yagyas on special planetary constellations, along with reciding of Mantras to purify and balance body, mind and environment. Together with his wife Akasha Semalty, he established the Vedic Valley- Yoga & Ayurveda Resort in Goa.  Since 2012 Anand is teaching together with Sonja Apple Yoga Teacher Training Courses  accredited by Yoga Alliance (YA) USA and Yoga Alliance International.


”Yoga Philosophy”

”Jyotish- Vedic Astrology”

”Mantra and  Mudra Class”

”Yagya – Vedic Ritual”

Individual Vedic Astrology Consultations available!

Come and join this unique Master Classes at our Vedic Valley- Yogafestival and spend your evenings with Arati, Kirtan singing and live Music Concerts!

During the Yogafestival there will be an Art-Exhibition by the remarkable Artists Vrindavan Das and his wife Yulia Glavnaya. The exhibition is entitled “Forms of divine beauty” and dedicated to the spiritual culture of India.


Cost and what’s included:
8 days unlimited Master-Classes: 480 $
4 days unlimited Master Classes: 300 $

Take part in any Yoga Classes and Lectures you like, experience Vedic Rituals and enjoy Daily Kirtans and Live Music Concerts! All Classes and Lectures will be in English and Russian languages!

*Classes are not sold separately

**Week does not include: food, flight, transfers, or accommodation!

Purchase tickets in advance on the spot price of the above!

For Reservations, Accommodation bookings and more Info please contact us!

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