Yogic-Tantra Seminar with Master Anand & Marina Dadasheva-Drown

Yogic-Tantra Seminar with Master Anand & Marina Dadasheva-Drown

Dec 01st– 14th 2013 at Vedic Valley- Resort, Morjim Beach,Goa

Unleash the power within you- through Tantric Yogapractices and ancient Vedic Wisdom.

The 14 days Seminar integrates daily Yoga, Mudra, Bandha and Pranayama classes as well as developing deeper awareness of Tantra Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Kundalini Chakra practices.

Starting with Kunjal Kriya early morning and ending with evening Arati under a 200 year old Banyan Temple along with performing of Agni Hotra and reciting of Vedic Mantras to purify and balance body, mind and environment.

Come and join this unique Seminar at Vedic Valley, where you can experience traditional Yogic practices with ancient Wisdom and Daily routines for a happy & healthy way of living.

About the teachers:

Marina Dadasheva-Drown is a spiritual midwife, prenatal psychologist and specialized in Natural Birth and Home Water Birth. She prepares parents for easy childbirth, teaches Baby Swimming, Baby Yoga, Dynamic Gymnastics for babies and shares her special knowledge of Taoism and Tantra practice to develop your inner potential. She is an experienced instructor of Fire Yoga, Reiki, Vivation and Rebirthing, Holotropic Breathing, Couple Counseling, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Healing Love Practices, and Tantric Rituals.

Anand Acharya is a Vedic Master and Jyotish-Astrologer. He derives from a Brahmin family from Himalaya, where he received his deep knowledge about Vedic Rituals, Palmistry, Mantra, Tantra and Yoga. Since 2005 he is teaching and sharing his knowledge in Europe and India, Goa. In 2010 he established together with his wife Akasha the Vedic Valley –Yoga & Ayurveda Resort near the Arabian Sea, where he self conducts seminars and invites teachers from around the world.

Enjoy an incredible “retreat into yourself” among tropical nature, sunset meditation and delicious vegetarian meals!

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