Ayurvedic Cuisine

In our Annapurna Kitchen simply delicious vegetarian dishes are lovely prepared according to Ayurvedic principles including Indian and European Cuisine. Annapurna is the Hindu goddess who is empowered to provide perfect and complete nourishment that gives energy – Shakti to achieve knowledge and enlightenment.

We believe when food is cooked with a spirit of holiness, it becomes Alchemy. Therefore it is our goal at Vedic Valley to satisfy our guests with fresh, natural and healthy vegetarian food. Everything is cooked lovingly with the freshest ingredients, locally grown and organic where possible.

Your time between treatments and yoga can be spend by learning a bit more about herbs, spices and Ayurvedic cooking. Join these entertaining sessions in our kitchen held twice in a month and cook your way to better health!

Vedic Valley 1We serve two buffet meals with cold and hot beverages a day, which can be enjoyed in our Madhurya Dining Hall. At any time you can spend there sipping freshly prepared Lemongrass tea, Ginger Tea or an Ayurvedic Chai or you experience a Chinese Tea Ceremony.

The Madhurya Dining Hall is a delightful two-storey outdoor venue, surrounded by a waterlily pond on two sides and tropical palms which make your meal experience community and the beauty of the natural atmosphere. You have a choice to sit upstairs on traditional, royal Indian mattresses with cushions and enjoy the stunning view, or you join the communal and comfortable sofa seats surrounded by blooming waterlilies.

Brunch 09.00 am– 11:00 am

Brunch is a feast of tropical fruits, freshly baked  breads with butter and homemade jams and spreads, various sprouts, porridge, nuts, and a choice of delightful Ayurvedic preparations.

Dinner 19.00- 20.00

For Dinner you’ll enjoy a buffet of freshly prepared delicious Ayurvedic Dishes and Salads.

Amrit Juice CenterFruitjuices

The Amrit Juice Center offers a large variety of freshly prepared healthy juices, shakes and lassis from seasonal tropical fruits and vegetables. Also fresh Coconuts, homemade bakery, ice-creams and fruit salads you can order there.

Along with a 100% Vegetarian Menu we follow a strict No-Smoking, No-Drugs and No-Alcohol policy to help the healing and rejuvenating progress.